Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Defend freedom of broadcasting from unjustified political pressure! : Statement by the Japan Federation of Commercial Broadcast Workers' Unions

The Liberal Democratic Party, Japan’s major party, continues to intervene in TV programs. On April 17, 2015, the party’s Research Commission on Info-Communications Strategy summoned executives of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation, a public TV station) and TV Asahi over their programs. Such a high-handed stance of the major party, using its broadcast licensing authority, is unjustified political pressure on the media and is absolutely unacceptable. The party even referred to the possibility of closure of transmission, and this is nothing other than intimidation. Since 2014, the LDP has repeatedly intervened in broadcast programs by issuing notices to the media, but this is definitely an illegal act that obviously violates Article 3 of the Broadcast Act , which guarantees “freedom to edit broadcast programs”. “Fair broadcasting” is supposed to be judged by broadcasters themselves, not unilaterally by the government.

* Photo: KOGA Shigeaki, a political commentator criticized by the LDP



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