Thursday, September 21, 2017

94th Anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake – Remember the massacre of Koreans

 We never forget that Koreans and Chinese were massacred after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 without any reason. We remember that what is unthinkable during peacetime can happen in a time of emergency. Fires of trouble are smoldering during peacetime. Therefore, we swear that we keep sowing seeds of appreciating being “different”. On September 2, 2017, a memorial service held at a bank of the Awakawa River in Sumida Ward, Tokyo for the Korean victims who were massacred after the quake. The event attracted more participants than usual presumably due to news reports that Tokyo Governor KOIKE Yuriko and Sumida Ward Mayor YAMAMOTO Toru refused to send eulogies for the Korean and Chinese victims. The venue of the event is one of places where many Koreans and Chinese were shot and killed by the Japanese Army. (KASAHARA Mayumi)

関東大震災94周年 朝鮮人虐殺を忘れない!~秋空の下300人が集う

! だからこそ“違う”ことをよいこととする種を播き続けなければならないこと
を! そんな思いを新たにした集いだった。92日、「グループほうせんか・関東大

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