Friday, September 8, 2017

“I Can Die Happy Once We Get Rid of US Bases” ~ The Courageous Granny Fumiko

“I continue living because American won.” “I can die happy once we get rid of US bases.” “If we get rid of bases in Okinawa, we’ll get rid of all bases in Japan.” These are some quotes from SHIMABUKURO Fumiko, an Okinawan anti-base activist widely known as “Granny Fumiko.” On the evening of August 17th, five hundred people attended the event “People Welcome Granny Fumiko to Unite in Solidarity with Okinawa” at the auditorium of the Upper House Members’ office building in Tokyo. With MIKAMI Chie, director of the film “Targeted Island Kaji Kataka,” as moderator, the 88 year-old Granny Fumiko spoke to an auditorium overflowing with people during her first-ever visit to Tokyo (the alternate venue also reached capacity.) While the talk only lasted for 30 minutes, it was rich in content. With an anger against the Abe government that seemed to fill every inch of her body, Granny Fumiko delivered a powerful message, telling us that we must avoid war at all costs. After the talk, demonstrations took place in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence. Granny Fumiko, who arrived in a wheelchair, called to Abe with all her might. “Mr. Abe, I am Shimabukuro Fumiko, the one who wrote you,” she said. “You say you want to create a ‘beautiful Japan,’ but you’re trying to create a country capable of waging war.” In that moment, Granny Fumiko was so courageous, so gallant that I found myself shouting, “I will do my best too!” (KASAHARA Mayumi)
 Photo SHIMABUKURO Fumiko in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence

「基地がなくなれば 天国に行ける」~カッコよかった文子おばぁ

文子おばぁ語録。「アメリカが勝ったから、私は生きている」「基地がなくなれば、天国に行ける」「沖縄に基地がなくなれば、日本中になくなる」。817日夕方、参議院会館講堂で「島袋文子おばぁを迎え沖縄に連帯する市民の集い」が開かれ500人が集まった。映画『標的の島 風かたか』の監督三上智恵さんが聞き手だった。会場の講堂はあふれ、別会場も満杯になる中で、初めて上京した島袋文子おばぁ(88歳)のお話を聞いた。たった30分だったが、内容は濃かったし、全身で安倍政権に対する怒りをほとばしらせ、戦争はしてはならないというメッセージを私たちに送ってくれた。講演後は官邸前の抗議行動。車椅子で官邸前に現れた島袋文子おばぁは、渾身の力を込めてアベに呼びかけた。「安倍さん、安倍さんに手紙を託した島袋文子です」。続けて「あなたは美しい日本をつくると言っているけれど、戦争のできる国をつくろうとしているじゃあないですか」と。あまりにカッコよく、力強い文子おばぁ。思わず「私も頑張る」と叫んでいた。(笠原眞弓)
動画(59分) *写真=官邸前の島袋文子さん

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