Friday, September 8, 2017

Saying “No” to the Shaming of Union Members ~ Tokyo Labor Relations Commission Orders Labor Union Victory in “Arisan Mark no Hikkoshisha” Dispute

On August 23rd, the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Relations Commission issued an order against the moving company Arisan Mark no Hikkoshisha, known for its ant logo, to resolve its “unfair labor practices” over allegations that the company reassigned a union member to paper-shredding job and put up photo of the member who was punitively dismissed for engaging in union activities. The order was a sweeping victory in favor of the union, in which the Labor Relations Commission, with clarity and detail, ruled the company’s practices illegal. While in the past the commission has ordered companies to issue a statement of apology, it is extremely rare for the commission to demand that the company include the statement in its in-house newsletter and send it to all of its employees. Using the commission’s ruling as leverage to resolve the ongoing class action lawsuit, we will continue the fight to change the core of the company that has become infamous for thrusting the costs incurred from damaged goods onto its workers, who call them “antlion’s death trap” for the high price. We hope that you will continue to support us and tell the company to abide by the commission’s ruling. (SHIMIZU Naoko, Precariat Union.)
 Photo A union member who had been reassigned to a paper-shredding job after joining a union.



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