Thursday, August 23, 2012

Campaign against Resident Registry Network and Common Number System: Funeral-style Action Held in Central Tokyo

On August 5, 2012, the tenth anniversary of the operation of the Resident Registry Network, members of the "No! to the Resident Registry Network and the Common Number System" campaign conducted an awareness-raising action in Yurakucho, a business district in central Tokyo. Amid the heat of a summer afternoon, the participants, dressed in black, were holding banners one of which indicated that a funeral ceremony was being held. "The Resident Registry Network has proved to be money-sucking and useless, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is eager to introduce so-called Common Number System on top of it. Our personal information will be exposed to a greater risk in this system," said SHIRAISHI Takashi, the representative of the campaign. "Under the Common Number System, every national is given a single number with which all the personal information will be managed in an integrated fashion. We will have to show a card that carries the number in practically all scenes of daily life including work, health and nursing care. When information is leaked from such a centralized information management system, larger damages are caused. It has already been evident in Korea and the U.S. The public should be more aware of the fact that a bill about a dangerous system as this is being discussed in the current session of the Diet." (By M) Video (Interview with SHIRAISHI Takashi,Japanese w/out subtitles)


うだるような暑さが続く85日午後、東京・有楽町で「住基ネット・共通番号制はいらない」のキャンペーン行動があった。集団は黒ずくめで「告別式」の文字も見える。この日は、住民基本台帳ネットワークが稼働してちょうど10年目にあたる。キャンペーン代表の白石孝さんは「住基ネットは金食い虫で無駄だったが、それに加えいま総務省が導入しようとしている共通番号制はとても危険だ」という。「共通番号制が導入されると国民一人ひとりに新たな番号が振られ、就職・医療・介護などあらゆる生活の場面でカードの提示を求められる。全ての個人情報が一元化され、流出した場合の実被害は大きい。韓国・米国で実証すみだ。今の国会で審議が進む共通番号制のことを多くの人に知ってほしい」と語った。(M 動画(白石孝インタビュー)

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