Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday Anti-Nukes Demonstration, Aug. 10: A 9 Year Old Spoke Up against the PM

The Friday demonstration against the restart of nuclear power plants has recently been better known and ever been well-attended. On August10, the last working day before the Bon holiday week, thousands of protesters flooded on sideways in front of the PM's Office, the main gate of the Diet Building and the rest of Kasumigaseki area. Various actions including chanting slogans, small gatherings and dances with drum beats took place simultaneously. In the rally held in front of the Diet's main gate, participants made speeches expressing their opposition to nuclear energy. Diet members ABE Tomoko of Social Democratic Party and SHII Kazuo of Communist Party, a self-proclaimed right-winger SUZUKI Kunio, students and lawyers were among them. One of the best received speakers was a 9-year-old boy who sharply criticized Prime Minister NODA Yoshihiko. "Nuclear power plants kill people. Human being are born to help one another. Prime Minister NODA does not have brains," he said raising a loud applause.  (By M)  Flash Photo Report  Video (speech bythe 9 year old, 3 min., Japanese w/out subtitles)  Photo Report by Shinya


「金曜デモ」はすっかり定着した。 810日も、お盆休み直前にもかかわらず、原発再稼動反対の人の波は、官邸前から国会正門前そして霞ヶ関一帯に広がった。 同時多発的に各所でコールや小集会、ドラム隊の踊りなどが繰り広げられた。国会正門前の集会では、阿部知子議員(社民)、志位和夫議員(共産)や自称右翼の鈴木邦男氏、学生、弁護士などさまざまな人が、次々に原発反対を訴えた。とくに9歳の少年がマイクを握り、「原発は人を殺すだけ。人間は人の役に立つために生まれてきた。野田総理は頭の悪い人間です」ときっぱり語り、大喝采を浴びた。(M

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