Thursday, August 9, 2012

Movement against nuclear energy, government escalates


   As the Japanese government and Prime Minister NODA Yoshihiro continue to ignore the public opinion against nuclear energy, the weekly protest at prime minister’s office in Tokyo is growing larger and people’s voices are becoming louder.On July 29, thousands of people gathered as usual in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, where the ministries are concentrated. Candles and flashlights in hand, demonstrators of all age range surrounded the Diet building in the evening as they shouted protest slogans to stop resuming nuclear plants. The police could not stop families, labor unions and other protestors flooding onto the streets (See photo). 

In the meantime, the weekly protest at prime minister’s office that usually calls against plants resumption turned into an action against appointment of new nuclear regulatory commission. The announcement of the committee chief, TANAKA Shunichi, showed that the Japanese government has not learned a lesson since the Fukushima disaster. Tanaka, known to be one of the “nuclear village” members, is one who voiced his opinion against compensating for those who evacuated on their own will. The public was also questioning the legitimacy of the committee since it should have been established before the government approved of the restart of Oi Plant.
Representing some 2,800 people who gathered for the action, members of four civil organizations submitted a demand to the Cabinet Office. “Decommission Noda Cabinet,” as one of the signs read, shows how Japanese citizens have long renounced Prime Minister Noda.

It is no longer only the citizens who speak against Noda’s decision. Some celebrities and even politicians from Noda’s Democratic Party of Japan has joined the citizens. As the weekly protest mounted, former prime minister HATOYAMA Yukio appeared at the demonstration on July 20 (See photo). “We have to cherish this flow of new democracy that you are creating,” Hatoyama said in heavy rain. “We can see how far apart the distance between the public voice and the prime minister’s office has become. As a former prime minister, I would like to deliver your message to the prime minister’s office right now.”
Hatoyama headed for the prime minister’s office across the street promising that he will convey to the chief cabinet secretary that the government should not restart any more plants. (By M)


7月29日、首都圏反原発連合主催の脱原発デモと国会包囲行動が取り組まれた。キャンドル行動が始まる午後7時前 には、国会正門前の歩道は身動きができないほどの人波になった。人々は、手に手にロウソク・ペンライト・iPad・蛍光板など光るものをもち、リズムをと りながら一時も休むことなく「再稼働反対」のコールを続けた。年配者から若者、そして家族連れと幅広い参加だった。労組の旗も多い。午後7時すぎ、あふれ る人波は自然に車道にあふれ出た(写真)。警察はカマボコ車を並べて「歩道に上がりなさい!」と警告を繰り返したが、人々の流れを止めることはできなかっ た。こうして午後8時まで正門前車道は「解放」状態になり、再稼動反対の声は国会に響き渡った。
 7月27日(金)の官邸前。「首都圏反原発連合」有志による官邸前抗議は29日国会包囲に集中するため休みだった が、「原子力規制委員会」人事に抗議する官邸前アクションが取り組まれた。この日も、国会周辺は鉄柵バリケードが張り巡らされ、物々しい雰囲気。参加者は 続々と増え国会正門にも広がり、2800人(主催者発表)に達した。抗議の焦点は原子力規制委員会の人事。とくに自主避難者への賠償にも最後まで抵抗した 「原子力ムラ」中枢の田中俊一氏に批判が集中した。また4団体が内閣府に要請書を手渡したが、対応したのは「守衛」。不誠実な野田内閣の姿勢に「野田内閣 を廃炉に」のプラカードが目を引いた。 
 7月20日の「原発再稼働反対!官邸前行動・金曜デモ」に、元首相の鳩山由紀夫氏(写真)が初めて登場した。「み なさんの新しい民主主義の流れをとても大切にしなければいけない。いま国民の声と官邸が余りにかけ離れてしまった。私は総理経験者として、みなさんの声を 官邸に届けたい。これから官邸に乗り込んで官房長官に申しいれる。再稼動は無理だし、やめるべきだ」ときっぱり述べた。この日は、どしゃ降りの雨模様だっ たが、参加者は途切れることなく官邸・国会周辺は人の波になった。国会正門前のファミリーゾーンは、家族連れでいっぱいになり、白いバルーンで埋め尽くさ れた。脱原発運動の勢いはもう止まらない。(M) 


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