Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let Me Take Four Days Off: May Report


1. I plan to resign, but my colleague tells me that he was not able to exhaust his paid holidays before he resigned.
2. I landed this job as a trial hire. My contract says I get two days off a week, but I can only get Sunday. I also have to put in overtime every day and have no paid holidays.
3. I only get one or two days off a month. I can’t even go see a doctor even if I don’t feel right. I don’t have paid holidays either. I wish I could take at least four days a month.
4. I had a contract that offered two days off a week when I got this job, but I only get two days off out of two weeks, six days off out of four weeks. My boss tells me to take paid holidays if I wanted more days off.
5. My boss dismissed my request to take paid holidays that I had been scheduled to work. He said I should have asked in person. (NPO Labor Consultation Center)

 1、 退職するつもりだが、過去に辞めて行った同僚の話を聞くと、有給休暇の消化はできなかったという。2、トライアル雇用で入社。契約書には週休2日とあった が、実際には日曜日1日しか休みがない。毎日残業です。有給休暇もなく辛い。3、毎月1日か2日しか休みが与えられない。体調もおかしいのに病院にもいけ ない。有給休暇も無い。せめて月4日は休みたい。4、週休2日という約束で入社したのに、実際は隔週週休2日の4週6日だった。会社は「残りの日休みたい なら有給休暇で休め」という。5、休日出勤予定日の有給休暇申請の届出用紙をだしたが、部長から却下された。その理由が、「直接会いに来て、お願いしな かったから」と言われた。(NPO法人 労働相談センター)

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