Thursday, August 9, 2012

No to Revising Public Assistance Act: Action Against Poverty at Prime Minister’s Office Begins

 Another action at prime minister’s office began in the evening of July 18. This time protesters are voicing their opposition against revision of Japan’s Public Assistance Act. Representative of Anti-Poverty Network, UTSUNOMIYA Kenji, pointed out that the people who are eligible for public assistance are not granted the service because of the government’s suppression to reduce the public spending. Only 30% of the people who should be on welfare receive the allowance in Japan, he said. Only 1.7% of Japan’s population is on welfare, compared to 9.7% in Germany and 9.3% in the UK.
“If the government continues to suppress the low-income citizens, we will face higher risk of having more people dying of isolated deaths or starvation,” Utsunomiya said. “We cannot allow the government to revise the act. The current government does not hear the voices of the people. The welfare recipients themselves must raise their voices.” (By M)

 7 18日夜、「反貧困」を訴えるもうひとつの官邸前行動がスタートした。冒頭、宇都宮健児さん(反貧困ネットワーク代表)がマイクを握った。「生活保護制 度の改悪が進められようとしているが、とんでもない。日本では本来保護を受けるべき人の7割が受けられていない実状がある。生活保護受給者の人口比では日 本は1.7%で、ドイツ(9.7%)・イギリス(9.3%)と比べても極めて低い。これをもっと抑制すれば、孤立死・餓死の多発が危惧される」と訴え、 「いまの政治は国民の声が届いていない。毎水曜の官邸前行動で、当事者が直接声を上げていきたい」と語った。(M)

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