Saturday, January 23, 2016

NO to Abe! Toward a united front of opposition parties – 5,000 join a new-year action

On January 5, 2016, 5,000 people filled a space at Shinjuku railway station, Tokyo to join a new-year rally “NO to Abe! Toward a united front of opposition parties”. The action was organized by the Coalition of Citizens for the Abolition of the Security Laws and the Restoration of Constitutionalism, which was formed in December 2015 for realizing a united front of opposition parties for the upper house election that will come this summer. TAKIMOTO Chika, a member of “Dads and moms in Kumamoto against the Security Laws”, said, “Kumamoto, which realized the united front first in Japan, has historically resisted arrogance of the national government as shown in its stance to evade the responsibility for Minamata disease. The history of Kumamoto has been supplemented by evacuees from areas stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake, generating unprecedented movements”. (YUMOTO Masanori) 
  Video (3 minutes)


1月5日東京、JR新宿駅西口で行われた「アベにNO 野党共闘へ 1・5新春大街頭宣伝」に5000人が参加し、駅前は参加者で埋め尽くされた。主催は、安保法制の廃止と立憲主義の回復を求める市民連合(以下「市民連合」)。「市民連合」は、昨年12月、今年夏の参議院選挙での野党共闘の実現を求め結成された。参議院選挙・野党共闘第1号となった熊本から参加した「安保関連法に反対するパパ・ママの会 熊本」の瀧本知加さん(写真)は、野党統一候補擁立を実現させた取り組みの報告を行った。瀧本さんは、「熊本には水俣病など権力の横暴に対して闘ってきた歴史があります。そこに東日本大震災から避難してきた人たちの運動が重なって、これまでにない運動が生まれました」と語った。(湯本雅典) 

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