Monday, May 12, 2014

27,000 gather for Yoyogi May Day Workers solidarity to oppose Abe Cabinet

On May 1st, unions affiliated with Zenroren gathered in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, to stop the elimination of jobs by the Abe cabinet. 27,000 workers attended the May Day rally to say no to the Temp Agency Revision Bill, a bill to allow unpaid overtime, and other policies of Abe, such as promoting the right to “collective self-defense”. One of the guests, translator IKEDA Kayoko urged, “We, the people, make laws and put life into them. We have an obligation to raise our voices now to exercise our rights. Our power of solidarity is crucial, more than ever.”  She introduced the brave action of Metro Commerce workers who waged a strike and went to court on May Day, as a good example. She also referred to the global action to raise the wages of McDonald’s workers scheduled on May 15th.
Also on May 1st, 7,000 workers, mainly members of Zenrokyo union affiliates, gathered at Hibiya Open Air Music Hall to celebrate May Day. There was an exchange of messages between the two rallies.  (MATSUMOTO Chie)

安倍内閣が進める雇用の大破壊を許すな! 東京の代々木公園では、全労連加盟の労働組合が声をあげた。メーデー集会には27000人が結集し、「残業代ゼロ法案」や派遣法の改正、集団的自衛権など安倍政権が次々打ち出す労働者イジメに反対した。来賓のあいさつをした翻訳家の池田香代子さんは「法律は私たちが作って魂を入れるもの。権利を持つ者の義務として、いま声をあげなければいけない。私たちの団結の力が、これまでより以上に重要なときだと思う」と訴えた。池田さんは、この義務を体現している例として、この日都内でストと裁判に立ちあがった東京メトロコマースの非正規労働者の勇気と行動に触れ、515日に予定されているマクドナルド労働者の賃金引き上げを求める世界一斉行動についても紹介した。(松元ちえ)

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