Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's preserve our pacifist Constitution! No state secrets law is accepted!"

 Some 1500 people raised their voice against the new state secrets law at a gathering in Kansai region on April 6th. The highly contentious state secrets law was enacted on the same day four months ago. Citizens, union officials and workers got together to  protest at the Oogimachi Park in Osaka.
  OTA Takeyoshi, lawyer who is affiliated with Kinki Bar Association and has been working on the state secrets law, made an appeal saying, "Despite winning the vote, the implementation of the law is not yet enacted. Let's make a move to annihilate the secret law here in Osaka.
  YOKOJI Takahiro, ex-speaker of the House of Representatives said, "Prime Minister Abe, a strong proponent, is trying to pass the right to collective-self defense in cabinet but if it is permitted, war-renouncing Article 9 will be expunged. We will have no patience for it.A banner was painting in performance, which read, "No State Secrets Law !"(KOYAMA Osahito)

特 定秘密保護法の可決から4ケ月たった4月6日、大阪の扇町公園で「守れ憲法!許すな秘密保護法!関西集会」が行なわれ、市民グループや労働組合の関係者ら 1500人が集まった。秘密保護法に取り組む近畿弁護士会の太田健義弁護士は、「秘密保護法は可決されたが施行はまだだ。大阪から廃止の運動を作り出そ う」とアピールした。また横路孝弘前衆議院議長は、「安倍内閣は集団的自衛権を閣議で容認しようとしているが、これが認められれば憲法9条を殺すことにな る、許してはならない」と訴えた。会場ではアクション・ペインティングが行なわれ、集会の中で「秘密保護法NO」の横断幕が制作された。(小山帥人) 報告動画(YouTube 4分)

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