Friday, December 22, 2017

Ms. Sheung So visits Japan for Uniqlo Campaign ~Meetings held in Yokohama and Tokyo~

In April 2015, Jaba Garmindo in Indonesia, an apparel manufacturer in the Uniqlo supply chain, went bankrupt, and 4000 factory workers were fired without any payment of wages or retirement fee.  NGOs and consumer organizations including CCC (Clean Clothes Campaign) united globally and waged an anti-Uniqlo campaign, claiming that big buyers like Uniqlo are responsible for the bankruptcy, and that they should pay the workers unpaid wages. In the initial campaign in March this year, more than 20,000 signatures were sent to Uniqlo.  In order to expand the petition action to consumers in Asia, websites were opened in Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese languages, and the second campaign started on November 6.  On the day, workers fired by Jaba Garmindo staged a protest rally in front of a Uniqlo shop in Jakarta.  Ms. Sheung So, a coordinator of CCCA (Clean Clothes Campaign Eastern Asia), visited Japan from Hong Kong to extend the Uniqlo campaign and to let the CCC be known broadly.  Meetings were held on December 14(Thu) in Yokohama, and on December 17 (Sun) in Tokyo, in which she reported the reality of the factory workers in the Uniqlo supply chain. (T)
Photo: Sheung So in front of a Uniqlo store in Ginza, Tokyo 



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