Friday, December 8, 2017

Osaka City claim never gets accepted overseas〜’Comfort Women Memorial’ Issue

 Among many reports on Osaka City retracting sister city relationship with San Francisco, SF Gate’s story (see photo) best reflects how Osaka mayor’s action has been interpreted in San Francisco. Roughly speaking, the action is taken as a “threat” and SF mayor expresses his disappointment. The article also introduces the fact presented by the mainstream historians that some 200,000 women were treated as sex slaves though called “comfort women.” The story says that former judge of San Francisco Court of Appeals, who contributed to setting up this memorial, was outraged at the Osaka mayor’s action. Unfortunately claims spread by the Osaka mayor, Restoration Party, Sankei Shimbun or Internet nationalists are not at all accepted overseas, let alone in Japan. (By YASUDA Yukihiro)



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