Friday, December 8, 2017

‘To work or not to work’〜Precariat Union puts out a comic book on labor

 Abenomics? Vibrant economy? Job hunters have the upper hand? Which society are we talking about? I am a member of the Employment Ice Age and not even benefitting from the “vibrant economy.” Every day I go to work at a factory as a temp and come home to my lonely apartment. I fall into my room packed with things, which I have thought to clean up almost every weekend but can’t seem to get to it due to extreme fatigue. In the comic book, there are so many situations described that I sympathize, but I see the status quo so severe I can hardly imagine. “If I stay home, utilities cost,” or “I wonder if a library is warmer.” The author looks around him and plants a seed of solidarity with a few co-workers. But by those who “want to work hard” and who “ want to be good” pluck the buds of solidarity. Looking at the competition of cheap labor, he wonders, “What are they trying to sell cheaply?” (By Ichihanahana) 

アベノミクス? 好景気? 就活の売り手市場?

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