Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stop building a new US base in Henoko ~ Urgent protest at the Defense Ministry in the rain

The Abe administration resumed on March 12 an offshore boring survey in Henoko without listening to the voices of the Okinawan people. In the case of nuclear power plants, the government tries to forcibly restart nuclear reactors, ignoring the opinions in the local community or the voices of the surrounding local governments. We should feel ashamed to be the citizens of a country where these things go unchallenged, unlike any other law-abiding countries. Let us--the people of the mainland—fight the struggle with utmost effort, while trying to prevent the government from reclaiming Henoko and to minimize irreparable damages caused by acts of violence. We should act in protest so as not to disappoint the future generations.  On March 16, in the urgent protest against the Defense Ministry, two groups, “One-square-foot property owners against war in the Kanto region” and the executive committee on “No to new base in Henoko,” read out a protest statement and submitted it to the ministry. Despite the rain and an urgent request, some 80 people gathered at the ministry. They received an encouraging voice mail message from Hiroji YAMASHIRO, the director of Okinawa Peace Movement Center, saying, “Let’s continue the struggle.” (By Shina)

辺野古新基地建設を今すぐ中止せよ! 3.16 防衛省抗議要請行動


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