Sunday, March 8, 2015

Threat of eviction of the anti-nuke occupy tent Unfair ruling at the Tokyo District Court

On February 26th, judgment was given for the case on eviction of the anti-nuke occupy tent in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at the Tokyo District Court. 333 people queued for the 88 gallery seats. The Chief Judge MURAKAMI Masatoshi read the verdict in just three minutes, but it was nearly impossible to hear, because of the low voice. The ruling completely admitted the claim of the government and ordered the eviction of the tent and payment of 2.8 million yen for the rent and sanction fee. The gallery raised their voices against this unfair ruling and nearly ten of them were forced out of the court. One of the defendants and the co-representative of the tent, MASAKIYO Taichi, expressed his determination; “Most of the people are against nukes. No-nukes movement cannot be stopped. The fight goes on regardless of what happens to our tent”
On the next day, February 27th, there was a weekly Friday Action. A big red banner saying “No to the eviction!” was strung over the tent. Chanting continued in the bleak winds; “Stop the restart of Sendai Plant! ” “Stop the leakage!” ”Don’t hide information!” (S.M.K.)



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